Flash preloader software Add preloaders to your Flash animations

How to add an external Flash Preloader to your HTML page:

Follow the instructions below and you'll be able to add a Flash Preloader in less than 5 minutes.

1) Open Flashkicker, tick the external preloader option and add your SWF (Flash) file.

2) Go to the second tab, select your Flash preloader design and select the desired colors.

3) Then go to the third tab and enter some text (e.g. "Please wait a few seconds while the movie is loading") and position the text where you want it to appear.

4) Lastly, click on 'Save' and enter an appropriate filename for the SWF file. I normally use a name such as "pre-your-swf-filename" to avoid confusion.

IMPORTANT: you need to save the external preloader you created in the SAME directory as your website and as the SWF file you're using the preloader for.

5) Now insert the external preloader "pre-your-swf-filename.swf" in your HTML page, like you do with any SWf file, and make sure that the original SWF file, the "pre-your-swf-filename.swf" and the HTML page are in one and the same directory and that the SWF files are NOT in a subdirectory.

See screenprint below were the three files 1.swf, pre-1.swf and index.html (which as pre-1.swf embedded) are all in one and the same directory.


And you're done!