Flash Preloader SoftwareAdd a Flash preloader to your Flash animation.

Flashkicker™ is an easy-to-use Flash tool to add a Flash preloader to all your Flash animations or SWF files created with one of the many third party Flash animation applications available on the web. Using a Flash preloader is recommended for any Flash animation that is over 40kb. A Flash preloader will keep visitors on your site until your Flash animation has fully loaded.


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flash software Features

  • Add text
  • Add a percentage preloader (progress bar)
  • Add a graphical preloader
  • Match the colour scheme of your website
  • Add a background photo and/or Flash animation
  • ... and much more

flash software Benefits

  • You can create a great looking and properly coded Flash preloader in seconds.
  • You won't need to use Adobe Flash at all for this, which many web designers find difficult.
  • Your visitors will know exactly how long they need to wait before the animation appears.
  • This means you won't lose potential clients.

flash software Testimonial

I have a very impressive Flash movie on my homepage but unfortunately a lot of people didn't hang around to see it. Now that I have added a Flash preloader to the movie with Flashkicker my bounce rate has more than halved! So thanks very much for giving people a simple solution for this problem.
Karen Smith-Sturner, California


flash software Testimonial

I downloaded the trial version - which gave me enough information to see that your product actually did what you claimed. I have since purchased the program and used it on 2 of my client sites so far - very easy to use and implement - it simply works. Well done to your team & thankyou. 
John Maloney . Flashdesigner.asia

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